C/C++ IDE base on VIM

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VimStudio is a C/C++ IDE base on VIM, the inspiration of its name comes from Microsoft VisualStudio. Follow up will be added to the support of GO, Python, node.js and other languages. As you can see, it's a collection of VIM and some utility plug-ins. Actually, it is not only a collection but also an organism.

The goal of VimStudio is to do the maximum possible to save the developer's time, you will not have to spend valuable time in the installation, configuration or find plug-ins, so you can enjoy the super efficiency of VIM more happily.


1. Common

2. Coding

2.1. Fast moving cursor

2.2. Backoff

2.3. Content completion

2.4. Insert snippet

2.5. Comment

2.6. Multi-line editing

2.7. Search/Replace

3. Code navigation

3.1. File browser

3.2. Go to

4. Build

5. Debug

Quick Start

Step 1) Clone

git clone

Step 2) Install

python ./

Step 3) Run !

On macosx platform, install location is "/opt/bin/vimstudio", its configuration files are located in "~/.vimstudio" directory.


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